DCA Chine Analyse

DCA Chine Analyse is an Intelligence firm specialized on the Corporate and Political environment of China’s industry. It is dedicated to helping strategic decision making of foreign firms working in the Chinese market, or in third markets involving Chinese partners or competitors


DCA Chine Analyse has developed expertise in analysis of China’s and Chinese firms’ environment.

Its analysis is used by foreign firms already strongly settled in China, for strategy aspects checking ; by firms considering development in China, for both potential and risk assessment ; and by firms working with Chinese partners, or confronted to Chinese competition in third markets.


The clients of DCA Chine Analyse have very diversified profiles, running from Multi-National Firms heading their sector to MidCaps and innovative Start-ups.


Confidentiality is guaranteed for all collaborations undertaken by DCA Chine Analyse, including exploratory contacts.

DCA Chine-Analyse is headed by Jean-François Dufour.

Holding Master degrees in Economic History and International Negotiations from AMU (Aix-Marseille University), he also studied at the Beijing Language Institute and Shanghai Foreign Language Institute.

He worked as a journalist, then general manager of Editions du Commerce International, before etablishing DCA Chine Analyse in 2004.

He is the author of several books on China’s economy, including China Corp. 2025 (Maxima, Paris, 2019), Made by China (Dunod, Paris, and Springer Italia, Milano, 2012), L’Asie émergente après la crise (EMS, Paris, 2000), Géopolitique de la Chine (Complexe, Brussels, 1999) and Hongkong, Enjeux d’une transition historique (Le Monde Editions, Paris, 1997).