Aerospace Industry in China

As China’s air transport market is set to become the World’s Number 1 by 2022, all components of the country’s Aerospace industry are engaged in a huge development.

China’s air transport market should become the World’s Number 1, overtaking the US market, by 2022 according to IATA (International Air Transport Association).

China’s 60 airlines operate over 3,700 airliners from 225 commercial airports ; and the number of planes, as well as platforms, is set to go on rising medium- and long-term.

Major national programs have been engaged in all segments of Commercial Aviation, including regional turboprop (MA700), regional jet (ARJ21), narrow-body (C919) and wide-body (CR929), mobilizing many suppliers, foreign and domestic.

Other programs, at national or regional scale, are engaged in General Aviation, Business Aviation and Helicopters, whereas Motorization and MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul) also mobilize important resources.

And China’s ambitions support major developments in Space Industry, running from light commercial to heavy launchers, and all families of satellites.

DCA Chine Analyse covers daily evolutions of that sector, as illustrated by some exemples taken from The China Industrial Monitor

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