China's energy market

China is engaged in a large-scale Energy transition, aiming at both optimization of traditional power sources and development of new sources, and smart grids

Faced with the neeed to answer still growing needs, China has engaged a huge scale Energy transition.

Between 2010 and 2019, Wind Power saw domestic installed capacity rise from 30 GW (GigaWatt) to 210 GW, and Solar Power jump from 1 GW to 200 GW. Hydropower reached the 360 GW mark in 2019, and Nuclear Power came close to 50 GW.

Whereas Coal-fired plants (at 1,050 GW) still account for over 50% of installed Power generation capacity, their modernization is also a priority.

As for mining resources, China develops gas exploration and exploitation, in both conventional and alternate (CoalBed Methane and Shale Gas) fields, to mitigate effects of the huge national deficit on Oil.

DCA Chine Analyse covers daily evolutions of that sector, as illustrated by some exemples taken from The China Industrial Monitor

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